Applications are invited for membership as Chartered Accountant of the Samoa Institute of Accountants (SIA). All applicants must ensure that they satisfy the criteria for membership stipulated under section 49 (b) of the Rules of the Institute: 

  • Must hold an undergraduate degree or higher with a major in Accounting; and 
  • Must complete and pass the ‘Chartered Accountants Professional Program’ facilitated by the Institute; and
  • Must have 3 years of work experience at senior level directly involved with accountancy or auditing; and
  • Must attain the age of 21years; and 
  • Is a citizen or permanent resident of Samoa as defined under the Citizen Act 2004 and must reside in Samoa at the time of application.

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Register of Members in Public Practice As at 31st May 2018

memebers sia public practice samoa

How to Apply for a Certificate of Public Practice

How to Apply for a Certificate of Public Practise
Council shall issue a Certificate of Public Practice to a Certified Public Accountant who has satisfied the Council that he meets all of the following requirements:

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How to Apply for a Temporary Certificate of Public Practice

How to Apply for a Temporary Certificate of Public Practise

The conditions under which Council may issue a temporary certificate of public practice are as follows:
(a) The applicant is a member of a professional accounting body specified under rule 50, who has a current certificate of public practice in his country issued by his professional body.
(b) The payment of a fee as Council determines from time to time, soon after approval by Council of the application.
(c) If after 45 days of notice to the applicant of acceptance of application and for payment of the necessary fee such fee still remains outstanding the approval shall then be rescinded.
(d) All certificates issued shall only entitle the temporary practitioner to carry out work for a specific client or clients approved by the Council and on the terms and conditions upon which the certificate is issued. Solicitation of other work not approved by Council shall not be permitted.

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Degree of Membership

The Samoa Institute of Accountants has five (5) degrees of members as follows;

1) Chartered Accountant

2) Accountant Technician

3) Provisional Member

4) Life Member

5) Fellow Member


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